Our Story

You don’t get to make pies for 32 years without two things happening. First, you will fall in love with everything about them, from their flaky crust to their wonderful fillings and the perfect ratio between the two, because pies are very special. The other thing that happens is you get to know how to make outstanding ones.

And that’s our story, Kings Pies, a family run business that, if we’re honest, has been obsessed with making the best pies from the freshest and finest ingredients we possibly can, since 1989.

It’s an obsession that has taken us in a new direction recently. The plant-based pie.

We all know there are very strong reasons for eating less meat, but we also know there’s one powerful reason we do; meat tastes great.

But what if we could make a pie that tasted every bit as good as one of our meat pies but without the meat? Now, that would be something, wouldn’t it?

Little did we know how long that would take us, but after 5 years and over 900 different recipes, we’ve finally done it. We’ve created a range of vegan pies that can proudly stand flaky golden crust to flaky golden crust amongst some of the best pies ever made.

And despite their very vegan credentials, they are firm favourites amongst meat-eaters, thanks to our hyper-realistic plant-based vegan chicken breast, which imitates the same taste, texture, aroma and appearance as chicken. We’ve created a world first, it tastes so real, its fooled meat-eaters into believing it’s actually chicken.

These really are pies amongst pies. Pies that anyone and everyone, meat-lover, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan, can fall in love with.

And that’s the only thing we’ve ever wanted for our pies. After all, as we always say,

Love Pies, Love Kings

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